Your Favorite Races for the 2018 Grand Prix


If you are a fan of the USATF-NE Grand Prix read on…  If not, exit here 😊


The Grand Prix LDRs (that’s the long distance race representatives) have asked us to voice any opinions we have about the races that should be included in the “voting slates”.  So for that, I’ve posted the races which have bid to:


I’m guessing some explanation is in order…  I’ll try my best.


The LDRs have to create a 2 to 3 “slates” of races for the wider membership to vote on.  The goal is to have that vote completed by Thanksgiving.  The idea of slates is to create a series that is diverse across the NE region and hits all the race types (5K, 5M, Marathon, etc) AND avoids important conflicts.


The worksheet, I’ve given you a link to, has all the races that bid, and at the top the sheet, some of the rules the LDRs need to consider when creating the slates.


The LDRs would like any feedback we (GLRR) have by Tuesday (11/7).  I think for now all we’d want to supply would be “races we like”.  So, without worrying about the “rules” (we’ll let the LDRs do the rules) – send me races you feel strongly about.  You’re not voting on the series… yet.  So I don’t need (or want) your full “slate”.  I just want the few races you feel “must” be in the GP.


You’ll need to get me that info by noon on Tuesday to be included.



Thanks glenn


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