Training Videos

On this page you will find what we think are helpful training videos.  Many of these are aimed at younger viewers – but hey – we’re young at heart – right???

We’ll start with a section of videos from David Tiefenthaler – or as he calls himself Coach Teif.  His website is  David is a middle school teacher and coach, so his videos are aimed at the young at heart – mixing humor with serious tips to improve your running.  So here we go…

Good Running Form for Distance Running

Run Relaxed to Run Fast

How To Run Faster – Distance Running

Cross Country Hill Running in a Race

Cross Country Running – Hill Workout

Cross Country Running Tips – Breathing While Running

Cross Country Running Tips

Cross Country Race Strategy

How to Build Running Stamina

5K Training Tips for Beginners

Long Distance Run Workout Tips

Running Workouts – Five Great Workout Ideas for Distance Runners