The Marathon Relay – Ya Know Ya Wanna Do It

So you’d like to run a marathon, but the thought of running for 3, 4, 5, or even 6 hours just makes ya’ wanna curl up and die?

Well worry no more – run in the SRR Marathon Relay Challenge for GLRR!

The relay is on June 11th at Hormel Stadium, Locust Street, Medford

Here is a link to the event Facebook page

There will be two teams:

A) The Angry Chickens – who will be selected based on performance

B) The Volunteers of GLRR – who will be selected based on volunteer participation

For each team we’ll select a Captain and two to four Timers (see form for details).

We’ll select the teams by Friday June 2nd

Please use this form to enter your name for participation.