USATF-NE Grand Prix

GLRR Registration for the 2018 USATF-NE Grand Prix Series

The club will pay your entry fee to GP races – provided that:

  1. You are a paid up member of GLRR (your membership status is at the bottom of most GLRR emails). 
  2. You must commit to volunteer at the Baystate Marathon 2018.  The Baystate Marathon will be on Sunday, October 21, 2018, however there are volunteer opportunities to volunteer for Baystate on October 14, 17, 19 and 20.  So if you are busy on the 21st, you can volunteer on the other days listed.  There is a signup link on the registration page.
  3. You must have a valid USATF membership
    Please verify your USATF number here
    If you are not a USATF member then join here

Plus –  if you register for a race and fail to show up (for any reason) – you must reimburse the club.

Special Note for 2018:
Because the Baystate Marathon is a Grand Prix Championship Race this year, we will not be subsidizing your entry.  We need as many of you as possible to volunteer that day to make this the best Grand Prix Race ever.  For those who are competing for team age group awards (top 3), or need the marathon for an iron runner award, we’ll provide a discount (contact us).  For the rest of you – we hope you will volunteer that day.

It is becoming more and more common for the races to offer on-line registration that includes a USATF discount.  This trend is due the increasing requirement that each runner specifically acknowledge the race waiver for insurance purposes.  As a result some of the races are for you to “self register”.  In which case after you run, send an email and we will reimburse you for the most discounted value.

Here is a link to the 2018 GLRR Grand Prix Entry Request Form.
You must use this web form

Here is this year’s USATF-NE Grand Prix Series (note the registration due dates *):

* The entry deadlines are set to allow the club to get favorable entry rates – and are subject to change.  If you fail to request registration by the due date – we may not be able to register you, or if we do register you – you may have to pay for any price increases.

Lone Gull 10K 2016

Lone Gull 10K 2016