Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame

The one area in which we differ from other group’s Hall of Fame is that we don’t really have “stats” like most other sports do. Sure, we have PRs and streaks and age group competition and awards, but we’ve never instituted some hard and fast number you had to reach to get in.

Our philosophy has always been this: You can serve the club in 2 ways, as a volunteer or as a competitor/participant.

As a volunteer, you can help out at events, help organize events, put on events, and/or become part of the club “management”, and really take on some of the responsibility of the running of the club.

As a participant/competitor, you help the club by being part of the team at club and USATF events. You can further contribute by being a top runner and scoring at these events. And you can be a leader as a team captain, organizer, etc.

And then there are those people who contribute in both ways, equally or not. We have always treated each path as an equal and valued contribution.  For we know the effort involved in both and appreciate when someone goes above and beyond.

Can someone get in exclusively following one path versus the other? Yes, you need only look at our HOF roster below; it speaks to our diversity and to our real appreciation of everything people bring to the table.

John Burke 1998

Dave Camire 1998

Dennis Conners 1998

Ben Fudge 1998

Will Mason 1998

Jean Boswell 1999

Bob Hodge 1999

Stoddard Melhaldo 1999

Mary Bourret 2000

Tom Carroll 2000

Berna Finley 2000

Colin Gouldson 2002

Lisa Senatore 2002

John Sutherland 2002

Dave Dunham 2003

Bob Hall 2003

Jack Pierce 2003

John Barbour 2006

James Shelton 2006

Phil Riley 2007

Peg Donovan 2008

Gerard Ottaviano 2008

Dan Wasileuskas 2008

Mark Coddaire 2009

George Davis 2009

Tom Doody 2010

Eric Beauchesne 2011

Tom Amiro 2011

Jim Stronach 2011

Nancy Stronach 2011

Art Demers 2012

Sue Maslowski 2012

Glenn Stewart 2013

Patty Foltz 2014

Diane Geehan 2014

Kara Haas 2014

Liane Pancoast 2014

Mark Blaisdell 2015

Trish Bourne 2015

Tom Foltz 2015

Mark Reeder 2015

Bill Dixon 2016

Denny LeBlanc 2016

John Morrison 2016

Scott Casper 2017

Chip Mann 2017

Mike Sheehan 2017

Trina Sheehan 2017