NH 10 Miler Results

GLRR Leading Woman Michele Martin.

First GLRR woman across the line Michele Martin.

The lead Chicken for the second race in a row is Mike [that] Luebeck [guy]. Along with James [the Kid] Sullivan, [The ageless one] John Barbour , [The let your freak flax fly] E-j Hrynowski, and Ken Cain they take 9th in the open division.
With Joseph Anderson and Ken Goodin, John, E-j and Ken take the Masters to 4th. The Senior Men finish in the money (3rd) thanks to John, E-j and Ken G. with help from Douglas Cook and Jeff Clark. The Veteran Men roll to yet another victory with John, Ken G. and Chip Mann.
On the ladies side – Michele Martin, Kristina Ouellette and Jill Lohmeier grab 12th in the open division. Jill leads the way with Liane Pancoast and Melanie Hire for the Masters Ladies 7th place finish, and it’s Liane, Melanie and Barbara Kendall taking 6th in the Senior Division.
Well done everyone!!!

Full results can be found here.