GLRR Gear Page

Please order GLRR gear by sending an email to or come to a club meeting.  Can’t make it to a club meeting?  Then check out our online store!!!  (Online prices differ due to shipping and processing fees.)

Please indicate the size and quantity of each item that you want.  (One item, of course, will be assumed if not indicated.)

Click here for Youth Gear page.

Here are a few pictures* of the things that we offer.
(* Taken by Jimmy Lee Shelton and modeling done by Erika Campbell.)

Singlets (front): $25 - $10 if first one(Pic coming soon)Singlets: (back)Singlet- Back
Short Sleeve Tech Shirt (front): $30Shortsleeve Shirt - FrontShort Sleeve Tech Shirt (back)Shortsleeve Shirt - Back
Men's 1/4 length Zip Jacket: $50Men's 1/4 length Zip Jacket
Shorts: $35shortsTrack Pants (unisex): $50Track Pants (unisex)
Long Sleeve (front): $35Longsleeve ShirstLong Sleeve (back)Longsleeve Shirt - back
Hoodie Unisex (front): $40Hoodie (front)Hoodie Unisex (back)Hoodie (back)
Woman's 1/4 length Zip Jacket: $50Woman's 1/4 zip jacketGLRR Visor: $15GLRR Visor
GLRR Cap: $20Baseball CapGLRR Beanie: $15GLRR Beanie

Got an idea for a great club item?
Send it along – if enough people like it, we’ll do it.  Some things that we’ve done – club jackets, ladies pullovers and gear bags.

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