Marathon Relay Request Form

The relay is on June 11th at Hormel Stadium, Locust Street, Medford

Here is a link to the event Facebook page

Each runner does one mile for 26, and one of them does the .2 miles.

We will be entering two teams:

A) The Angry Chickens – who will be selected based on performance

B) The Volunteers of GLRR – who will be selected based on volunteer participation

Each team will have 26 runners of which there will be at least 10 ladies on each team.

A Team Captain will be selected for each team, and at least two timers.

Also keep in mind SRR is challenging each runner to bring four pair (one pair per lap) of used running shoes for donation to ReRun Shoes

* indicates required field

Please use the format m:ss (such as 7:20 for 7 minutes 20 seconds to complete 1 mile)

The team captain will set the order of the runners, manage the team timers and generally make sure it all goes smoothly.
A Timer times other members of the team for their 4 laps (1 mile). Times must be recorded along with the runners name on a score sheet. There will be 2-4 timers per team and they report to the Team Captain