2017 GLRR Grand Prix Entry Request Form

To request club payment and submission of your entry into USATF-NE Grand Prix Races, You MUST complete the form fields below.

You must be a paid up member of GLRR (your membership status is at the bottom of most GLRR emails).

Because we are providing a free service to you, we ask you to provide a service to us – by volunteering at GLRR events and GLRR sponsored activities. We are sure you will .

You must be a USATF member (registered with GLRR) to run in the GP series races.

The USATF is worthy of your membership dues ($30). Here in the good old USA – most of our Olympic support for runners comes from the USATF. They provide for national level events (some of which take place locally). They are also the primary support tool, outside of schools, promoting youth running. These are all valuable services to our sport – they deserve your membership.

You can sign up to be a USATF-NE member here: www.usatfne.org/member/
Note: we are club ‘068’.

There is a list of all the races, with click-able links to the race pages, at the bottom of the form.

IMPORTANT: if you request entry for a race and fail to run (for any reason), you must reimburse the club before we will enter you in any additional GP races.

If you wish to withdraw a request – it must be done by sending an email to gp-reg@glrr.net before the entry deadline.

In Some cases due to wavier requirements, you will need to “self-register” for the race and we’ll reimburse you (at the most discounted rate).  In some other cases, after you express interest, we will send you a discount code (supplied by the director of that race) which allows you to register for the race without paying.  Once registered, you are committed for the value of that race.

Special Note for 2017:
Because the Baystate Marathon is a Grand Prix Championship Race this year, we will not be subsidizing your entry.  We need as many of you as possible to volunteer that day to make this the best Grand Prix Race ever.  For those who are competing for team age group awards (top 3), or need the marathon for an iron runner award, we’ll provide a discount (contact us).  For the rest of you – we hope you will volunteer that day.


Please complete all the required fields below. Why do we ask for your DOB, City and State? Because most races ask us for that info to register you – so it saves us a lot of time if you provide it.


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If you have a membership but don't remember it - you can look-up your number here

Note: not all races provide shirts to GP runners and if they do provide shirts, you might not get the size you requested

Please indicate the races you are requesting (you can select more than one)

Oct 22 - Ashworth Awards Baystate Marathon - See note

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Note: After you submit the form you will receive a confirmation email from ‘gp-reg@glrr.net’. If you don’t see the message – check your junk folder.

The 2017 USATF-NE Grand Prix Series is (note the registration due dates *):

* The entry deadlines are set to allow the club to get favorable entry rates – and are subject to change.  If you fail to request registration by the due date – we may not be able to register you, or if we do register you – you may have to pay for any price increases.