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Meet your Officers and Board Members

Front Row left to right: Jessica Costa, Joseph Ferris, Cindy Campbell, Kelly Fox; Back Row from left to right; Scott Casper, David Penn, Glenn Stewart, Jeff Maistrosky, Matt Story.  Photo Courtesy of Jimmy Shelton

Monday night at the club meeting at Princeton Station the club elected the officers and board members for the 2016-2017 term.  They are:


President: Jessica Costa

Vice President: Jeff Maistrosky

Treasurer: Jason Bui

Secretary: Scott Casper


Business Director:John Morrison

Communications Director: Matt Story

Membership Director: David Penn

Racing Team Manager: Glenn Stewart

Social Director: Kelly Fox

Youth Development Director: Joe Ferris

Apparel Directors: Cindy Campbell, Colleen Casper

All the board positions are technically heads of committees.  The communications committee has added Ron Desmarais for the website and Michele Martin for social media.  Other committees are forming, so if you’re interested talk to a board member.

As always, you can find the list of board members and their email addresses at http://glrr.net/membership/officers-and-board/.  Description of the elected positions can be found at http://glrr.net/wp-content/ourData/Misc/GLRR%20Board%20Positions.pdf.

Greater Lowell at National Club Cross Country

GLRR Men’s Masters Team

By John Barbour

Greater Lowell was among ten New England clubs represented at the USATF National Club Championships, held last December 12 in San Francisco’s magnificent and historic Golden Gate Park. Other than mega-clubs Greater Boston and the BAA, GLRR’s contingent at thirteen was one of the largest (a dozen dudes plus Liane Pancoast).

This event moves around the country from year to year, and to have it in one of the most beautiful locations in arguably the most beautiful city in America made this a special year. I’ll confess that as a Bay Area native I’m biased here; I first raced cross country in GGPark as a high school junior in 1970 (one of my opponents was Dana Carvey, a legitimately good runner), and was fortunate to compete in two national XC championships in the 1980s during the great Pat Porter’s string of eight consecutive national XC wins.

With the entire GLRR contingent over 40 (no shock there) you had Liane in the women’s masters race (6K) followed by everyone else in the men’s masters 10K – or at least that how it would have been in every year before 2015. Because of the growth of the men’s masters field (aging running boomers) plus there portion of the course being both winding and single-track, a decision was made to split the old men into two races, effectively “less old” and “most old”. Men aged 40-59 ran 10K as usual while men over 60 ran in a separate 8K race. Got it?

The long drought was abruptly broken in the week leading up to nationals as the first salvo of El Niño pelted the Bay Area, leaving the course wet. But the ground had been dry for so long that most water stayed at the surface, minimizing the mud factor, as Friday course inspections revealed. Lodgings were at the meet HQ at Fisherman’s Wharf, adjacent to the North Beach neighborhood, making access to pre-race Italian fare easy to come by.

Liane’s 6K was the first race of the day. She continued her comeback with a strong, consistent effort, running 28:49 in the 252-runner field to place 23rd in the 55-59 age bracket and 130th in overall age-grading. This race showed that the course wasn’t fast – races combined various sections, some run more than once including thick, rutted grass, an old horse track, and trail. Hills were moderate but “effective”, and the ground had absorbed water overnight making it everything a little softer.

Next up were the over-60 men, and GLRR lined up a strong contingent consisting of Bill Dixon (USATF national age 65-69 Road Runner of the Year), John Goodwin, Denny LeBlanc and yours truly. This turned out to be one of the memorable races I’ve been part of (and thus makes writing it up feel odd). On the line, I was next to friend and former local rival Reno Stirrat; a few boxes on the other side was Club Northwest which included two-time age group national champion Rick Becker. Further on was San Francisco’s own Tom Bernhard, USATF 60-64 Road Runner of the Year.

As expected (by me) Becker shot to the front and opened an immediate gap. Down the long grass start and up onto the horse track a half-dozen gave chase, but by the end of the 3/4-mile loop it had winnowed to two, Becker 5:20 at the mile and Barbour (aka me) eight seconds behind. From there the race proceeded like so: Barbour pulls up to Becker, Becker sprints away, Barbour pulls back up, etc. With 1K to go on a short hill Barbour (aka “yours truly”) got past Becker by a stride for the first time, then started to turn the wrong way. By the time the ship had correct course, Becker had a 5-6 meter lead, to which he added on the ensuing grass stretch and which yours truly (aka “Barbour”) could not close in the final 250 meters, finishing in 29:04. Third place was 1:13 behind.

Dixon, meanwhile, moved through the field like gangbusters to come across the line 15th, he too a close second in his age group (31:36). Goodwin’s strong race(32:37) made for a tight team finish, the GLRR Veterans second to Club Northwest 38-43 with Cal Coast 45 as LeBlanc (40:34) scored a top-10 place among 70-74s. Barbour and Dixon were #2 and #3 in age-grading, and #4 & #5 when all over-40s were factored in.

In recent years Senior men have been GLRR’s strongest team, but as they were one short of the five needed for a complete team their lot was cast with the Masters in 40-59 10K competition. As expected, Kevin Carnabucci (37:06) and Chris Hancock (37:22) led the way. Then came the Senior support in the form of EJ Hrynowski (38:28), Keith O’Brien (39:35) and Peter LaGoy (39:50) as the Masters-with-Seniors placed 21st in 40-49 team competition. Shawn Conway (41:11), Dave Connally (42:03) and a hobbled-but-game Bob Kearns (42:18) completed the team. Over 400 runners and 30 teams competed in this race alone. Finally, the Open races gave GLRR a reason to sheer as Pancoast daughter Stephanie, now a San Franciscan, ran 21:17 as the #4 runner on the #7 team (Team Strava).

After a brief hotel relax-and-libation session that included the Liberty AC Senior women’s team (including Shadi Reeder, married to Our Mark) it was time to walk up the street for awards at the Galileo HS, which gave the world someone once known mostly for fast running, O. J. Simpson. Next to the BAA (first place Open women’s team, second Open men, third Masters men) GLRR was the most-decorated New England club with silvers for the Veterans team plus Dixon’s and Barbour’s age-group medals.

The next day Mr. Dixon resumed his alter-ego and continued a journey, begun earlier in the week, up the coast to photograph California missions. (We’ll bet there was a winery stop or two in there somewhere.) Next year it’s on to . . . . Tallahasseee . . .

Youth Cross Country Wrap Up

Makayla and Alisa, our two Youth XC Nats runners.

By Joe Ferris

A highly successful GLRR Youth Cross Country season came to an end in Albuquerque, New Mexico on a cold rainy and snowy day on Saturday, December 12th. It was the sixth consecutive year that GLRR competed in the USATF Junior Olympic National cross country competition.

This year the club was represented by Makayla Paige, who competed in the 11-12 AG. Makayla had represented GLRR in 2014 in CC and also in 2015 at the USATF Junior Olympic National Track & Field meet in Jacksonville, Florida in July.

Also competing for GLRR was Alisa Crueger-Cain. Alisa has advanced to Nationals several times and this year advanced in the 13-14 AG.

It was a difficult race for Makayla, who experienced severe discomfort throughout the race, but persevered to turn in a gallant effort while completing the race under adverse conditions.

Alisa ran a powerful race and competed strongly to the finish and arguably ran her best race ever for GLRR.

The highly successful year for the youth team came to an end in the snow of New Mexico, but will resume in 2016 with a track & field meet at the Reggie Lewis Center in Boston on February 7th.

2016 USATF-NE Grand Prix Requests

usatf-neThe 2016 USATF-NE Grand Prix schedule is set and I am now accepting requests for entries.

Unless you’re new to the club, you know the club will pay your entry fee.  We only ask that you give back by volunteering at club events or in whatever way you can.

About those entry fees – if you sign up for a race and then fail to run – for any reason – then the expense is on you, and you must reimburse the club before we pay for another race.

Now some of you newbies to the club, especially you ladies….  You might be thinking racing, and especially racing at a Grand Prix event for “The Fast Runners”.  You’d be wrong!  These are great events for EVERYONE.  These events are a great place to meet new (and interesting – runners, especially competitive runners, seem to be a bit…  ah different ) people and you’ll find everyone is very supportive of everyone on the “team”.  And you never know when you’ll be needed to round out a team…  there have been plenty of instances of a “slower” runner completing a team and resulting in a win or high placement for the team.

I should mention – the teams are broken down by gender and age.  Ladies under 40, over 40, over 50, etc.  The same for the guys.  Many races require 5 runners “to score” – that qualify as a team.  As the age categories go up, the requirement drops to 3 runners.  More so for the ladies than the guys.  So that’s why we are always looking for ladies to help.  There were a lot of races last year were we lost points because we could not field 3-5 ladies in an age group.

So what are the races, and who do you request them??  Glad you asked – please use this form:

This form lists all the races and helps me by storing your request in a database for me.  This helps minimize errors (like forgetting you emailed – or worse “told” me you want to run).

an-ras-morFirst up on the list is the An Ras Mor 5K on March 6th.  A speedy jaunt through Cambridge.  Followed closely by the always popular New Bedford Half Marathon (the only race that has been on every Grand Prix since I joined GLRR) on March 20th.  Then there is long break until mid-August.  So get out there and train and click the form to request entry.