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December 6, 2015

GLRR at New England Cross Country Championships – Sunday, 11/08/2015

Trish and Denny sporting their age group awards. Photo courtesy of Mary Casey.

By John Barbour

It was a banner day for a flock of old GLRR harriers on Sunday, November 15 at the USATF-New England cross country championships at that greatest of cross country venues, Boston’s Franklin Park.  That said, 50 seems to be the new 20 as the running boom generation continues to strut its stuff.

Women young and old raced together in the women’s together in the 6K race, and GLRR women came up with a pair of team second-places in both Masters and Seniors.  Masters were second out of eight teams to Western Mass Distance (15-22) while Seniors were also second of eight (to Liberty, 17-27).  Leading the way was Senior champion Trish Bourne (25:30), closely followed by rejuvenated harrier Jill Trotter (5th Master, 25:40).  Their efforts were bolstered by those of new Senior Maureen Pellegrini (27:34), less-new Senior Liane Pancoast (27:42), and in-between Senior Mary-Casey Gorman (31:12).

In the Old Men’s 8K, GLRR placed seventh of nine teams while the Seniors plucked off second of seven and Veterans, first of four.  Your correspondent hit the line, and the wall, in 28:44 to take the Vets title after working most of the way with comebacking Mark Reeder (28:55).  Right behind were Chris Hancock (29:22) and Kevin Carnabucci (29:41).  Loads of Senior depth came from Jim Garcia (30:54), Keith O’Brien (31:00), Peter LaGoy (31:14), and the ever-marathoning E.J. Hrynowski (31:17).  Masters and Vets were bolstered by Matt Story (32:39), David Connally (32:53), new Vet John Goodwin (33:05), Dave Neary (33:58), and Shawn Conway, with Glenn Stewart (37:07), Kim Jung Nam (39:42), leading Super-Vet Denny LeBlanc (40:41) and Frank Gorman (51:59) providing support.

[Coolrunning results can be found here.]

In final USATF-NE cross country grand prix standings Greater Lowell men ran the age-group table, winning Masters, Seniors, and Veterans team titles.  (Chris Hancock suggests that Frank Gorman may be responsible for that Masters championship – thank you, Frank!)  Masters women took third and Seniors second – congratulations to all!  (Complete grand prix results are available at

Now it’s on to San Francisco and the USATF National Club Championships in fabled Golden Gate Park on December 12.  Pre-entry deadline is November 25; GLRR women are especially needed right now – if you’re interested in going let John Barbour (i.e. “your correspondent”) know as soon as possible.

A final note: Congratulations yet again to GLRR age-group superstar Bill Dixon – he recently raced the venerable Schenectady Stockade-athon 15K in 59:38, not only winning the 65-69 age group but topping the age-graded list for all competitors.  In addition, Bill set an age-68 record and is one of only three men that age or more to break an hour, one of the others being the great Canadian Ed Whitlock.  In other words, just another day at the office for Bill . . .


USATF-NE Cross Country Grand Prix — Wayland (10/11) and Mayor’s Cup (10/25)

John, Chris, and EJ running angry at Wayland. Photo courtesy of Wayland XC Festival.

By John Barbour

The Wayland Cross Country Festival (Oct. 11, Wayland HS) was back as top No. 3 on the USATF-NE Cross Country Grand Prix after a year’s absence from the series, and Greater Lowell was again back in force.  It bears mentioning that the overall quality of this race was deeper than ever – deeper, even,  than the gargantuan BAA Half Marathon that took place concurrently.  Nearly twenty runners broke 17:00 on a deceptively slow course that features lots of grass at beginning and end with a short, nasty, and brutish (thank you, Thomas Hobbes) hill and a whole lot of down-and-up dirt in the middle before finishing, atypically for XC, with 300 meters on the track.  


Among the men James Sullivan, in his final pre-Detroit Free Press Marathon tune-up, led the way for the green in 21st (17:10), an excellent effort.  Further back came a pack of Old Dudes led by Chris Hancock (61st, 18:43, John Barbour (62nd, 18:46), Kevin Carnabucci (65th, 18:48), E.J. Hrynowski (69th, 19:05), and Jim Garcia (75th, 19:22).  Stomping down the straightaway next were Bobby Kearns (91st, 19:55) and Peter LaGoy (92nd, 19:58); the newly-back-with-GLRR John Goodwin (107th, 21:32) despite a nasty (see?) fall on the steep, rooty downhill; Jim Burke (108th, 21:44); Kyung Nam (143rd, 25:34), Dennis Price (156th, 27:51), and  Frank Gorman (163rd, 32:16).  Greater Lowell’s Open team was eighth of ten, while the Masters, Senior, and Veterans teams all came home with first-place trophies – or would have, had there been trophies.  In age-group action, Barbour and Goodwin went 1-2 for the Vets.


Liane Pancoast continued her comebacking ways as the leading green woman in 25th place (23:55).  Behind her came Mary Casey-Gorman (36th, 26:06) and Amanda Maffei (37th, 26:09) — each a half of a pair of GLRR married couples (see “Peter LaGoy”) — and Brenda Coleman (40th, 28:07).  This quartet carried the GLRR women to 3rd-place Masters and 2nd-place Seniors team places.

Full results here.


Two weeks and one Paddy’s Pub 3-miler later it was time for the great Mayor’s Cup event in Franklin Park on a cloudy and breezy but temperate day.  After watching Liz Costello, Liv Westphal and Mary Cain duke it out in the women’s championship race, some 20 GLRR stalwarts lined up for the Open 5K.  Jill Trotter ran her first XC race in more than two decades but looked as if she’d never been away, claiming second-place among masters (21:27).  Not to be outdone, Trish Bourne (21:19) was the Senior runner-up.  Adding Mary Casey-Gorman (25:58) and Madeline Febo (26:41) to the mix carried the GLRR women to 5th place (of nine) in Open team scoring, 2nd-place Masters and 3rd-place Seniors.


Another tight pack of green men wormed its way through the course, led, finally, by Kevin Carnabucci (34th, 18:07) and followed by John Barbour (35th, 18:09).  On their tails came the comebacking Mark Reeder (40th, 18:21) along with Chris Hancock (42nd, 18:26), and Mark Odell (48th, 18:47).  Peter LaGoy (81st, 19:37) (see “Amanda Maffei”) was next, followed by David Connally (95th, 20:19), Matt Story (109th, 20:53), Glenn Stewart (22:20), Frank Georges (24:14), Kyung Nam (24:49), Dennis Price (25:28) and the ageless Denny LeBlanc (25:42).  Completing the GLRR contingent were Aims Coney (26:15), Antonio Febo (26:57), and Frank Gorman (31:36).   Men’s team scoring resulted in 5th of 11 (Open), fourth (Masters), second (Seniors), and first (Veterans).  Reeder and Odell went 7-8 among Seniors, Barbour, Stewart and Coney 1-5-9 for Veterans with LeBlanc the #2 Super-Vet.

Full results here.

Congrats to GLRR Race Team Bonus Winners

The end of the USATF-NE Grand Prix season brings us to the race team bonus awards.
First (and most important) were the folks who scored for GLRR in the GP races. Topping the list were three runners who scored for the team in every race!: Candice Gagnon (leader of the ladies open team), EJ Hrynowski (leader of the men’s senior team) and Ken Goodin (leader of the man’s veterans team). They each will receive a bonus of $100. In addition there were three runners who scored in 5 of the 7 GP events: Jason Bui (men’s open), Douglas Cook (men’s seniors) and Nancy Dorn (ladies seniors). They each get $50.
On the individual side – we are awarding bonuses for high placement in their respective divisions (top 10 for open runners, masters top 3, seniors top 2 and veterans first place). The list is dominated by the men’s Championship Veterans team, but a couple of ladies did well also.
Kara Haas took first in her age division (40-44) in the 5K to earn a $75 bonus. Trish Bourne notched first place finishes in 45-49 at the 10 Miler and the half marathon to be the big winner at $100. John Barbour got healthy by the end of the season to notch wins in 60-69 at the 5K, the 10K and 20K – good for $75. Bill Dixon took first in 65-69 at the 10 Miler and the 5K to pick up $50. And the series 60-64 champ Ken Goodin won the Marathon and 5 Mile to pick up $50.

GBTC Cross Country Festival – Elm Bank Park, Wellesley 9/13/2015

GLRR with the winning pie. Photo courtesy of Tom Derderian.

By John Barbour

Sunday, September 13 was stop number two of the USATF-NE cross country grand prix, again hosted by the Greater Boston Track Club on the lush grounds of Elm Bank Park in tony Wellesley. The host club, unsurprisingly, had by far the largest turnout but GLRR looked to be a solid second among the many clubs represented.

First up after the youth and community races was the combined women’s Open and Masters’ 5K. Kara Haas turned in a masterful performance in more ways than one, blitzing to a clear third-place in 18:52 and nearly three minutes ahead of the next 40-plus runner, Western Mass’s Dana Parrot. The course, while largely flat and over wooded trails, features one decent hill and stretches of thick grass while the trails include sections of annoying roots and one very prominent fallen log. Damp conditions seemed to slow the course slightly.

Behind Kara, Mary Casey and Liane Pancoast completed the third-place Masters team (one more 50+ would have made a Senior team, but hey). Mary ran a solid 24:57 while Liane announced her comeback, in just her fifth run after major surgery two months ago. Starting conservatively, Liane passed a bunch in the final mile to finish just ahead of Mary in 24:43, smiling as always.

Next came the men’s Masters race – depth and numbers made the difference, as GLRR Masters took second to CMS, with Seniors winning the prize pie over the HFC Striders. Kevin (“Booch”) Carnabucci’s 10th-place (18:16) started a long green line that included Chris Hancock (12th, 18:26), Mike Girouard (14th, 18:28), E.J. Hrynowski (15th, 18:30), John Barbour (16th, 18:33) and Mike Haas (18th, 18:56). The charge continued with Jim Garcia (22nd, 19:03), Bobby Kearns (26th, 19:33), Keith O’Brien (27th, 19:43), Peter LaGoy (30th, 20:04), Jim Burke (37th, 20:56), Adam Sherer (38th, 21:14 — his first race in a year), a comebacking Mark Blaisdell (42nd, 22:03), race team impresario Glenn Stewart (44th, 22:21) and stalwart club coach Jim Stronach (47th, 27:18). Amid some post-race confusion Mike Girouard ended up taking home the lemon pie, and even he didn’t know how that happened.  Full results can be found here.

GLRR was not represented in the men’s open race, although former (ahem) club stars Ruben Sanca and Nate Jenkins went 1-4 in 15:30 and 15:30. Quite a day; next on the series: The Wayland XC Festival on October 11, ably hosted by HFC. It’s just too much fun to miss, so we’ll see you there!